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PPG Floatation
PPG Floatation
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PPG Floatation

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Float System by PPG Smoke

PPG Smoke Float System is an industry first cost-effective alternative float for paramotor, paragliding, SIV and hang gliding pilots who fly over or near water. Utilizing genuine abrasion resistant Cordura® fabric with a 4 point Velcro® mounting system - it installs in minutes and can add up to 300N of buoyancy in the advent of a water landing. Reusable design allows for easy repacking and recharging after a freshwater or saltwater incident.

Designed for a range of possible flight applications across paramotor, paragliding and hang gliding its easily adaptable to a variety of installation scenarios. During a water landing, a “bobbin” dissolves releasing a puncture needle into the CO2 cartridge, inflating the bladder and creating buoyancy.

Floatation is created by two individual (1x left, 1x right) units capable of a combined inflation capacity up to 300N of displacement. More than twice the size of an adult life jacket. Alternatively, each individual unit can be manually inflated in two ways. An oral inflation tube on each unit (left and right) and a manual inflation pull-string.

Remember!!! When you throw your reserve, with a few exceptions, you are done steering. I hear pilots say all the time, " I dont fly over water." But, if you fly "near" water you can still wind up in it!!!

Installation scenarios vary by application. The Float System is suitable for use on most paramotor frames and includes 8 attachment points for various configurations. Its design is universal enough to adapt to various diameter frame designs or harness shoulder straps. Left and right units open in their respective direction. Mounting must be clear of obstruction, easily accessible in an emergency and the bladder must be puncture free. 

  • Left and right of your frame
  • Left and right harness shoulder straps


  • 1x Left Float
  • 1x Right Float
  • 2x 33g CO2 Cartridges
  • 2x Bobbins
  • 2x Clips


  • Float Dimensions:  495mm x 114mm x 50mm
  • Bladder Dimensions: 482mm x 381mm
  • Individual Float Weight: 290g
  • CO2 Cartridge Weight: 90g