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Polini 202 Motor
Polini 202 Motor
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Polini 202 Motor

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The new Polini THOR 202 is an engine of modern conception, compact dimensions and contained propeller cantilever, developed and manufactured for a unique flight experience!

Performance and driving comfort are at the top of the category, the light weight makes it extremely manoeuvrable during the preparation and take-off phases and the power of 33 Hp reduces the take-off spaces, guaranteeing exciting climbing rates.

Thanks to its powerful engine torque it is possible to have a level flight at low engine speeds, with consequent reduction of noise and very low fuel consumption, which at the same time increase the engine’s longevity.

THOR 202 is equipped as standard with Dell’Orto VHST, which allows a soft and constant torque curve without ever being rough and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

THOR 202 adopts the latest version of the well-known flash starter starting system, improved in all its parts, with a new ergonomic handle that helps in the ignition phase and increases its safety with a better grip.

The engine cantilever has been reduced compared to the THOR 200 HF by 16 mm, making it even more compact and easy to handle.

All the construction components are at the top of quality, to allow a longevity of the engine that reaches a T.B.O. of 400 hours.

THOR 202 is liquid cooled: the compact-sized radiator is designed to guarantee correct cooling in all conditions and the system has no expansion tank to make the entire system even more compact and light without compromising its effectiveness.

The cylinder of THOR 202 is die cast in light aluminum alloy, which ensures greater thermal stability. The cylinder liner has a Nikel-silicon coating, a treatment that is particularly resistant to both wear and abrasion because it improves the sliding of the piston, and consequently increases its operating life. In fact, the light aluminum alloy piston with a high siliceous content makes it possible to limit thermal expansion, reducing the coupling play.

The advanced technology and high performance of the THOR 202 allow a better feeling, making the flight experience more performing, dynamic and reactive.

The ignition is electronic, T.C.I type, with fixed inductive timing and with compact dimensions that reduce both weight and bulk.

The exhaust system is completely redesigned thanks to the work of the Polini R&D team, which developed this exhaust with new resonance cones and managed to get top performance with compact dimensions, low noise levels and extremely low weights.

The new THOR 202 is also equipped with a balancing countershaft, a feature that reduces vibrations, ensuring greater comfort and longer engine life. The THOR 202 is equipped with a centrifugal clutch, a mechanical helical gear reducer, all in oil bath. The counter rotating masses help to considerably reduce the annoying overturning torque for additional comfort and safety. The Polini THOR 202 engine stands out for many other advanced solutions, including the convenient closed-circuit system for fuel recovery during transport.

THOR 202 is delivered with all the necessary accessories for installation.

Polini Engine 2 stroke mono-cylinder
Cooling Liquid cooled
Bore for stroke 64 x 60
Displacement 193 cm3
Power 33 HP
*Max trust 90 Kg with Ø 130 cm propeller
R.P.M. max 8.500
Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 11,5
Piston Two chromium plated rings mm 1
Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor Dell’Orto VHST carburetor
Air filter Air box r
Ignition Electronic T.C.I. fixed inductive timing
Spark plug hood 5 K Ω resistance
**Fuel type E5 petrol or LL AV GAS-al with 2,5% synthetic oil 100%
*Consumption 2,4 Lh at 30 Kg of static trust
Gear reduction unit Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,8 reduction ratio
Starter Flash Starter
Clutch Centrifugal in oil bath
Muffler Expansion with oval silencer
Propeller rotation Clockwise


* The values have been measured at level sea with standard atmosphere. Trust and consumption values may vary according to air temperate and density.

**E5 means the petrol type that can be used. E5= unleaded petrol 95 octanes up to 5% of ethanol. This symbol is shown on all the petrol pumps in Europe.