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Miniplane Frames with Top 80 motor. (Super light weight foot launch only)

Miniplane Frames with Top 80 motor. (Super light weight foot launch only)

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The biggest difference with the PSF model is that your glider hooks into your shoulders instead of you the mid ribcage area

thereby causing you your arms to be more extended upward.

there is no weight shift steering ability with high hook in points.

"low hang Point" has weight shift steering.

Top 80 motor not recommended for pilots over 180 lbs.

Miniplane Top 80 Flex Cage

High Hang Point
Miniplane Top 80 PSF

In 1996 Per il Volo invented and produced the first harness attachment system to feature high hook-in points with low J-bar distance bars, called the PSF system.

It is today appreciated as the industry standard and most often copied by other manufacturers world wide.

Available in either the M (115cm prop) or L (125cm prop). An XL (135cm prop) is available for competition use.

Weight: 42 lbs.

New Cateye Frame:
Miniplane PSF Cateye Frame
Classic Frame: Miniplane PSF Classic Frame


Low Hang Point
Miniplane Top 80 ABM

The Miniplane ABM pioneered the revolutionary "Swan" style Side Arms using a low-mid attachment point.

This system keeps an excellent degree of stability while at the same time allows for "active" pilot weight shift.

The Miniplane ABM allows great weight shift ability without the instability found on previous systems by other manufacturers. The feel of this system is natural because it returns to straight and level flight as soon as the pilot relaxes turning input.

Weight: 44 lbs.

New Cateye Frame: Miniplane ABM Cateye Frame
Classic Frame: Miniplane ABM Classic Frame




Miniplane Top 80 Rigid Cage

New Rigid Cage models available NOW!
($250 extra & adds 1.5 lbs)

High Hang Point
Miniplane Top 80 PSF

Following many customer requests, we now offer the 4 part Rigid Cage also for the L size Miniplane PSF High-Hangpoint Paramotor.

A bigger prop turning more slowly offers good thrust with lower noise. In general, every aspect of performance is improved.

Weight: 42 lbs.

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Low Hang Point
Miniplane Top 80 ABM

The new Miniplane ABM (low hang point) Rigid Cage Paramotors - Quieter, more economical, stronger, with the benefits of an airfoil style rigid cage! 

The 150cm cage diameter version accommodates a 140cm propeller!

Weight: 45.5 lbs.

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Wide Body?

Make your Miniplane more comfortable with our
ABM Spacers, available in 10 or 20mm sizes.


Top 80

The Miniplane Top 80

The Top 80 is an Italian single cylinder, 2-stroke aircraft engine designed and produced by Per Il Volo for Powered Paragliding. It was the first purpose-designed Paramotor engine!

The Top 80 was developed specifically for the Per Il Volo Miniplane, which was introduced in 1989. The engine also features a centrifugal clutch that allows idling without turning the propeller, a useful feature in its main application on a paramotor, where it improves ground safety.