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Independence Easy Kiting Wing

Independence Easy Kiting Wing

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Best practice for wing for light AND heavy winds 

 is the first single skin ground handling wing. Practising with such a wing on ground, you can playfully develop a good sense for paragliding and perfect your ground handling skills.

Due to retaining trimmers attached to the risers, a huge wind range from 0 to 40km/h can be used for exercising. Easy is made of durable, sturdy fabrics.

The first single skin for ground handling

  • Perfect characteristics for practising launch techniques
  • Not certified
  • Well arranged line setupSturdy and durable materials
  • Retaining trimmers
Size M
Cells 25
Flat surface (m²) 10
Projected surface (m²) 8,35
Flat span (m) 6,85
Aspect ratio 4,7