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Gravity Defy

Gravity Defy

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$8250 with moster 185 motor 


Gravity Paramotors has one simple goal – build the best paramotor possible… Our team spent 5+ years working to develop a paramotor that would satisfy not only the beginner but hardcore acro pilot, and everybody in-between; the Defy paramotor’s combination of features, durability, and flyability will be sure to please. While there is no perfect paramotor, this paramotor ticks more boxes than any paramotor that has come before it. Visit Gravity Paramotors to learn more! Proudly Made in the USA!


  • Complete Defy Paramotor
  • Apco SLT Harness (M-XL)
  • 130cm Carbon Propeller (390$ value)
  • Level 1 Swing Arm Pucks, Level 2- 4 pucks by special order
  • Vittorazi V-Throttle (149$ value)
  • Steel Carabiners (80$ value)
  • Vittorazi Prop Spacer (20$ value)